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A Projects-Oriented Company


At Urban Signage, we believe in a close working relationship with our clients. Our dedicated project coordinators will assist you from the preliminary stages of your project to completion. With the expertise of our signage and graphic designers, craftsmen and installation team, we control the detailed planning and execution of your signage project.


Every good product originates from a good design. With our in-house graphic and signage designers’ comprehensive knowledge of designing and experience working with different clientele, we design signs fitting to requirements and the surrounding architectural elements. Every design is approached with the branding and corporate identities of the client in mind. Our in- house design team’s diverse experience make us fully capable of not only eyeing for the details and finishing, but also plan out a wayfinding strategy for the project.

Urban Signage


Our 1000 sqm factory is located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Fully-equipped with precision machineries and signage technology needed, our craftsmen are able to fabricate high-quality and quality- controlled signage. Supplies and materials are housed in our factory, allowing easy attainment and the fast fabrication of signage. The packing and delivery of the signage are done and controlled as well. We keep track of processes so as to keep a tight rein on quality and schedule.

We believe in being socially responsible and environmentally-friendly. During fabrication, we may deal with chemicals and residue when fabricating signage. The removal of such waste is important as such untreated waste may be discharged into the waterways if unproperly removed. Urban Signage engages a professional chemical waste service to handle and dispose the waste.

Signage Installation

Installation is the last and but also important step in a signage project. However, negligence is often the case in many signage projects. At Urban Signage, we place strong emphasis on qualified installation. Skillful and qualified installation is one of the most critical factors in determining the signage durability and alluring appearance. Our installation team is made up of certified and experienced installers and supervisors who professionally work through every project to completion.

Urban Signage